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This service is for health and human service professionals in MAHEC’s 16-county region in Western North Carolina.

Searches for clinical care and healthcare administration in support of patient care in Western North Carolina are provided at no cost, courtesy of MAHEC Library Science.

If your request is in support of research or non-patient care services, contact us at (828) 257-4444 or email for availability and pricing.

You may also request articles online. For reference questions, or questions about other library services, please contact us at (828) 257-4444 or email

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Disclaimer: This search will be based on information provided by the requestor. Users are advised that no computer search lists every reference that exists on a topic. If you need additional references, or if these references do not meet your needs, please call your librarian who can discuss other databases and other research strategies with you. The MAHEC Library Science cannot assume liability for any inaccuracies in the sources used or cited.

We all know technology can have glitches. If you've not received your requested services wtihin the specified time frame, please call us at (828) 257-4444 to follow up on your request.