16ME008 - 7th Annual Integrative Healthcare Conference: Experiencing Integrative Modalities to Mitigate Pain

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August 28, 2015 - August 29, 2015

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Whether acute or chronic, pain is widespread, affecting millions of people each year. Conventional treatments alone have done little to alleviate the burden of pain necessitating a need for complementary modalities to help address multiple domains of the pain experience.

The 7th Annual Integrative Healthcare Conference is an interactive, experiential learning opportunity where participants will discover a variety of modalities that can be incorporated into treatment plans for patients with acute or chronic pain syndromes. Attendees will explore evidence-based techniques, experience therapies, view demonstrations, learn mechanisms of action and in many cases how to perform the technique and teach the patient how to self-manage pain using mind-body practices.

Coming to the Integrative Healthcare Conference? Make plans to stay for the Holistic Nurse Certification Prep Course!

Sunday, August 30 – September 1, 2015 | 8:30 AM – 5:30 PM
MAHEC Education Building | Asheville, NC
Concurrent Sessions:
Friday, August 28, 9:30 AM
  Friday - 1A - Acupuncture for Treatment and Management of Pain
  Friday - 1B - Biofeedback: Helping the Brain Rewire Away from Pain
  Friday - 1C - The Role of Massage Therapy in Treating Wrist Pain

Friday, August 28, 10:45 AM
  Friday - 2A - Mindful Meditation for Coping with Pain
  Friday - 2B - Evidence-Based Yoga for Pain Conditions

Friday, August 28, 12:45 PM
  Friday - 3A - Integrating the Alexander Technique in Medical Rehabilitation for People with Back Pain
  Friday - 3B - When Pain Strikes: Herbs and Supplements in Your Tool Box

Friday, August 28, 2:30 PM
  Friday - 4A - 5Rhythms as a Movement Practice for Patients with Pain
  Friday - 4B - Dietary Modicication to Decrease Inflammation

Saturday, August 29, 8:30 AM
  Saturday - 1A - Aromatherapy Therapies for Clinical Pracitce
  Saturday - 1B - Myofascial Pain Reduction through Manual Therapy, a Chiropractor's Perspecitve
  Saturday - 1C - Guided Imagery: Principles and Practice

Saturday, August 29, 9:40 AM
  Saturday - 2A - Using Music in the Clinical Setting for Relieving Pain Syndromes
  Saturday - 2B - Benefits of the Qigong (Chi Kung) Curriculum for Pain Reduction
  Saturday - 2C - Hypnotherapy for Pain

Nurses, Physicians, Advanced Practitioners, Allied Health professionals, and any others interested in experiencing integrative, holistic care.

Mountain Area Health Education Center, Blue Ridge Room, 121 Hendersonville Road, Asheville, NC
Mary Ammerman, Psy.D
Leisa Easom, PhD, RN
Marilyn Haas-Haseman, PhD, RN, CNS, ANP-BC
Joshua Herr, MS, L.Ac.
Bruce Ladd, MS, L.Ac
Gregory Lathrop, RN, HN-BC, HTPa
Lourdes Lorenz-Miller, DHA(c), MSN, RN
Robert Luka, RN, CDE
Scott MacGregor, MS,LPC-A,LCAS-A,CFLE
Barbara Marlowe, LCSW
Brent Myers, D.C., CCSP
Idelle Packer, MS, PT, mAmSAT
Marek Sawicki, BA, CAyu, LMBT, RYT
Kristine Weber, MA, eRYT500