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Monday October 5th

Teaching efficiently in the outpatient setting
Bruce Peyser, Joe Jackson, Larry Greenblatt, Duke Univ; Josh Bernstein, UNC AVL
Requiem for Power PointTM: Interactive learning in the LIC classroom
Nardine Riegels, Lindsay Mazotti, UCSF/Kaiser Oakland; Jennifer Adams, Mim Ari, University of Colorado/Denver Health; Mark Beard, Shane Schellpfeffer, Univ of South Dakota
A comprehensive approach to faculty development to support implementation of a new innovative longitudinal
     integrated clerkship in a large urban academic center: Key components and strategies
Karen Weyman, Stacey Bernstein, Univ of Toronto, Canada
Learning opportunities in Phase 3: A survey of regional academic leaders in the University of Wollongong
     Graduate School of Medicine
Mark Wilson, Univ Wollongong Graduate SOM, NSW Australia
Inpatient Learning Needs of Rural Track Trainees - Simanton, Anderson
Edward Simanton, Univ of South Dakota SOM
Catching babies in a LIC: New methods to help address traditional challenges
Cassandra Kisby, Duke Univ
Building the educational model on clinical experience: Web-enabled structured learning sessions for LIC students at the
     University of Alberta
Darren Nichols, Jill Konkin, Univ of Alberta, Canada
How to diffuse LIC? Observations from three pilot LICs in an academic medical centre
William Heddle, Paul Worley, Flinders Univ, Australia
Proposal surrounding LIC student inpatient evaluations
Marisa Echaniz, Cason Pierce, Univ of Colorado, Denver
Exploring different mechanisms of delivering non-face-to-face student feedback between longitudinal clinics
Benjamin Gilmer, Alex Finch, UNC AVL LIC
Logistical dilemmas associated with increasing class size in a 12-month LIC model
Margrit Shoemaker, Shubhra Shetty, The Commonwealth College, Williamsport PA
Developing a sequential longitudinal integrated clerkship at Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School: Making a case for
Shiva Sarraf-Yazdi, Duke Univ
Using design thinking to help students understand the patient experience
Patricia White, UNC CLT LIC
Rural to Urban: Transitioning a longitudinal rural integrated experience to the city
Wes Jackson, Douglas Myhre, Univ Calgary, Alberta Canada
Assessment challenges in a LIC, South Africa
Hans Hendriks, Univ Stellenbosch, South Africa
Boot camp for LIC students: What do they need to know?
Debbie Lynn, Arthur Castro, Teri Lee, Texas A&M COM
Student experience of continuity within a distributed longitudinal clerkship
Mark MacKenzie, Maggie Watt, British Columbia Integrated Community Clerkship, Canada
Learning from "difficult patients" in the LIC
Jessica Friedman, Duke Univ SOM
The SNAPPS Presentation Model: Student perspectives on a learner-centric technique
Denise Pong, Javier Galán, Duke Univ SOM
Student stories about community engagement: A video with student Q & A
Susan Rogers, Duke PCLT
The OB/GYN clerkship in a longitudinal curriculum: Unique challenges and opportunities
Andrea Currens, Amanda Flicker, Laurel Berry, Brittany Papworth, UNC AVL LIC
How to assess the success of a LIC in an academic medical centre to permit full conversion from traditional block
     rotation (TBR)?
William Heddle, Paul Worley, Flinders Univ, Australia
A journey from primary care and back again: Reflections on residency choice in Duke’s traditional clerkship year
Claire Powers, Duke Univ SOM
The morning commute podcast: A unique opportunity for faculty development in LICs
Josh Bernstein, UNC AVL LIC; Bruce Peyser, Duke; Sarah Wood, Joanna Drowos, Florida Atlantic Univ; William Pieratt, Texas A&M
Inspiring medical student career interest in primary care for vulnerable populations through development of an
     underserved medicine curriculum in the Denver Health Longitudinal Integrated Curriculum
Mim Ari, Jennifer Adams, Denver Health
Teaching when all is well
Joe Jackson, Duke Univ SOM
MedCHEFS: Curriculum in Health, Exercise and Food Science for third year medical students
Rosemarie Lorenzetti, West Virginia Univ
Enhancing social accountability in a LIC site
Robert Boulay, Dalhousie Univ, Canada
Duke's PCLT and traditional clerkship curricula: A comparison and student reflection
Javier Galán, Duke Univ SOM
Encountering health policy in real time in the LIC
Jessica Friedman, Duke Univ SOM

Wednesday, October 7th

  Building relationships to build a movement
Vikas Saini, MD
LIC Administrators session: Successes and challenges in administration of LICs
Bernadette Duperron, UWSOM; Susan Rogers, Duke Univ
Longitudinal leadership training at Duke's Primary Care Leadership Track
Barbara Sheline, Duke Univ
Speaking the language: A systematic approach to improving oral presentation skills for LIC students
Michelle Cleeves, Jennifer Adams, Univ Colorado Denver
Developing a topic-based and multidisciplinary simulation curriculum in longitudinal medical student education
Catherine Wares, UNC CLT and CMHC
Challenges faced in learner evaluation in a large longitudinal integrated clerkship model: Lessons learned
Margrit Shoemaker, The Commonwealth Coll, Williamsport PA
Evernote: An introduction to the design, organization and use for medical students in our longitudinal program
Hayam Shaker, Natascha Lautenschlaeger, UNC/MAHEC Residency and UNC AVL LIC
Dual degrees and community engagement in LIC
Brittany Pierce Hipkins, Kathleen Campbell, Jessica Friedman, Duke Univ SOM
Challenges and methods of reaching community preceptors for faculty development
Sandra Whitlock, UNC AVL LIC
Observation of students in the clinical setting: Shaping learner and teacher perceptions of "value"
Sarah Wood, Benjamin Bensadon, Charles Schmidt COM at Florida Atlantic Univ
Co-existing side-by-side? Challenges and opportunities hosting both the longitudinal integrated curriculum and the
     traditional block curriculum at the UNC SOM Charlotte Campus
Patricia White, Iris Cheng, Susan Bliss, Michele Birch, UNC SOM CLT
Prevalence of medical student burnout in longitudinal vs traditional clerkships
Annie Nedrow, Univ of Colorado Health; Maria Andrews, Duke Univ SOM
An effective patient panel in an urban longitudinal integrated clerkship
Stacey Bernstein, Karen Weyman, Jasmine Paloheimo, Univ of Toronto, Canada
Novel remediation strategy in a new LIC
William Pieratt, Texas A&M
Strategies to enhance developmental teaching in longitudinal integrated clerkships
Sandra Whitlock, Steve Buie, Benjamin Gilmer, UNC AVL LIC
Collective lessons learned 19-44 years of rural LICs in the US
Jay Erickson, Montana (WWAMI); Kathleen Brooks, Univ Minnesota; Lori Hansen, Univ South Dakota
Centering PregnancyTM: A longitudinal student experience
Andrea Currens, Amanda Murphy, Rachel Morris, UNC AVL LIC
Learning the importance of professional boundaries in practice
Jessica Lyden, Duke Univ SOM
Voices from afar: Analysis of student interviews at the end of a year-long distributed integrated LIC in New South Wales
David Garne, Mark Wilson, Univ of Wollongong, Australia
EYES WIDE OPEN: Lessons learned from a domestic violence shelter
Arthurine Zakama, Duke Univ SOM
Lessons learned from the first year of implementation of a blended LIC program at Walter Sisulu University, South
Ntsikelelo Itumeleng Funani (Tumi), Walter Sisulu SOM, South Africa
Is there a role for core Entrustable Professional Activity (EPA) evaluation in the LIC?
Mark Beard, Univ South Dakota
LICs as a catalyst for emancipatory learning
Jennene Greenhill, Flinders Univ, Australia
Clerkship education day: adding value to the LIC
Margrit Shoemaker, The Commonwealth College Williamsport PA
How to lick LIC in OB/GYN: Lessons from the University of Toronto
Rajiv Shah, Stacey Bernstein, Univ Toronto, Canada
Expanding feedback and grading in LICs
Edward Simanton, Shane Schellpfeffer, Univ South Dakota
Progression to postgrad: An innovative way to enhance LIC
Lyn Power, Christa Lewis, Memorial Univ of Newfoundland, Canada
Population health curriculum
Barbara Sheline, Duke PCLT
Students in community: Community agencies and LIC students working together
Jill Konkin, Darren Nichols, Univ of Alberta, Canada

Thursday, October 8th

  Longitudinal integrated learning: The science and the patients
David Hirsh, MD; Ann Poncelet, MD
Incorporating interdisciplinary teams into the longitudinal curriculum
Andrea Currens, Brittany Papworth, UNC AVL LIC
Encouraging faculty to utilize the unease of change to fuel transformational learning about LIC teaching roles
Brook Hubner, Lea Yerby, Harriet Myers, Drake Lavender, Richard Streiffer, Univ of Alabama SOM
Psychiatry in a longitudinal program: Integrated setting or specialty clinic?
Stephen Buie, Lydia Russell-Roy, UNC AVL LIC
Strategies for integration of interprofessional and community health experiences into a longitudinal clinical clerkship
Kimberly Lansing, The University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health Wisconsin Academy for Rural Medicine (WARM)
Using team-based learning (TBL) activities in the Denver Health LIC to foster cross-discipline and integrated
     longitudinal learning
Mim Ari, Marisa Echaniz, Cason Pierce, Jennifer Adams, Denver Health LIC
DISC Leadership Workshop Part I and DISC Leadership Workshop Part II
Barbara Sheline, Duke PCLT
Putting the I in LIC: a Duke student's experience of integration during the clinical year
Maria Andrews, Duke Univ SOM
Medical student participation in a team based homeless clinic
Michael Dowling, Raj Sundar, UNC AVL LIC